People Wall Signs

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    Elvis - Rock'n Roll Baby

    20 × 30 cm

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    Marilyn Monroe Metalen Wandplaat 50x70cm

    50 × 70 cm

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    I Am Good, But Not An Angel Metalen Wandplaat 40x30cm

    40 × 30 cm

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    Betty Boop Linens Metalen Wandplaat 41x30cm

    41 × 30 cm

    Regular Price: £14.86

    Special Price £6.97

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Authentic People Wall Signs to decorate your home

Do you want to use something completely different to hang on your wall? Wall signs are made from wood or metal which makes them look authentic and different than you usually see. The People Wall Signs are available in various sizes and contain fun and original pictures. Choose for example a Che Guevara Wall Signs, Marilyn Monroe Metal Signs or a James Dean Wall Signs wall sign to add a real eye-catcher to your decoration. If you are looking for something original, go for exclusive materials in your interior and look for your favourite wall sign in the assortment of hundreds of People Wall Signs.

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